I love The Mind of a Chef. When the first season came back in November 2012 I was instantly hooked. The way the creators tap into the creative process, way of thinking and philosophy of a chef is unlike anything else I’ve seen on TV.

The first season covered David Chang across 16 episodes, whilst season two showcased Sean Brock for the first 8 episodes and April Bloomfield for the remainder.

My favourite season so far is probably the first, as I learnt so much about Asian food culture and more importantly umami (Chang is also a somewhat goofy, but very knowledgeable character). The episodes about ramen, soy and miso are a must. I loved them. I’ve lost count on the amount of times I’ve re-watched them.

I had high hopes about Sean Brock’s episodes as he featured a couple of times during the first season, but they felt a little bit monochromatic to me. Great food, just didn’t make great TV. Just left me feeling a bit cold (I loved seeing him cook with his mum and help with cooking a whole hog though).

April Bloomfield on the other hand showed a warm character, who’s got an interesting background from several legendary UK restaurants like St. John and The River Cafe. Her ‘Farmer’ episode actually made me visit Pitt Cue Co in London and the food was just as amazing I thought it would be, based on that episode. Pig fans, eat there at first opportunity.

The third season will cover Edward Lee and Magnus Nilsson. Edward I recognise from Top Chef Season 9 and Magnus from a particularly awesome episode of No Reservations covering Cook It Raw in Japan. Magnus is also the chef owner of the revered restaurant Fäviken in Sweden. Below are a couple of videos.


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