It took a simple question from what is now an old friend of mine for me to find courage to begin this. “Why don’t you start a food website or something?” I was told a few years ago. Maybe I am doing this in memory of this individual.

My name is Alex and my greatest (obsessive) interest is food and cooking. Through this site I hope to reach like-minded individuals. Being born in Norway I have always thought that finding people with similar interests is very hard, as I far too often end up gloating about the quality of general food knowledge in Norway and the various poor cookery shows.

From time to time I discover beacons of hope like Hobbykokken, however, the vast majority of food information that I digest or discover is either through American or British forums, websites, chefs or TV shows.

Regardless of where you are from, I hope that there is someone out there who will find what I write here somewhat interesting, even if I don’t have a set agenda. The only plan I have for this site is to provide content that I would otherwise try to seek and read in my own time. Should I achieve that, I will be very happy.


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